About me

I am an Assistant Professor at the Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience in Linköping, Sweden, where I study social interaction, interoception and the self. I am interested in how we establish a bodily self and what happens to the self in psychiatric conditions. To this end, I study autism, ADHD, anorexia, schizophrenia and depression. My research is funded by my grants from Vetenskapsrådet, Svenska Läkaresällskapet, Åke Wiberg Stiftelse, ALF and FORS grants (Region Östergötland), and Lions Forskningsfond. Read more on my lab homepage: The Boehme Lab.

I grew up in Darmstadt, Germany, and started my training in Biology at the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg. There, I also worked at the Max Planck Institute for medical research. Afterwards, I completed the program for neural and behavioral science at the Max Planck research school in Tübingen. Here, I was involved in projects on visual processing pathways in the human brain and on the characterization of neurons in the deep cerebellar nuclei.

For my PhD, which I defended in 2015, I moved to the psychiatry department of Charité Berlin, where I worked on reinforcement learning in schizophrenia, Huntington’s disease and in healthy individuals using a multimodal imaging approach (fMRI and PET). For my work there, I received the For Women in Science Award. Afterwards I worked as a Postdoc at Charité and Humboldt University, Berlin, and at CSAN, Linköping.

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